Monday, July 7, 2014

Warriors of the Red Planet!

Today I was surprised to find that my copy of Warriors of the Red Planet had arrived. I ordered it from Lulu Wednesday night and didn't expect it til the end of the week.

What is Warriors of the Red Planet? It's an OSR pulp sci-fi rpg in the vein of Burroughs, Moorcock, and Kline. If you want Barsoom, steamy Venusian jungles, and ray guns in your OSR game, this is the book for you. While the product could have easily been an add-on supplement for an existing game, it's a full game in it's own right. The book is chocked full of material. Four player classes are included: fighting man, scoundrel, mentalist, and scientist (along with abilities/powers). In addition the appendix includes the darker Sorcerers of the Black Gate class. All of the rules needed to play are here. In addition nearly a third of the book is set aside for monster stats (41 pages)! The appendixes are cool. There's one on the races of Mars.  The random charts here are nice too. We have random encounters, random sword and planet name generator, random flora generator, random ruin generator, and random adventure generator. The appendixes also include flying ship (and ship combat rules) and pages of weird science items (which make great treasure).

Physically the book is digest size and black and white. It clocks in at just over 130 pages. This is technically not the final version of the book, it's the beta. That being said it's a great buy. For less than four books and another 3.99 shipping and handling you get a complete old school John Carter-esque rpg that can be played on its own or easily adapted to other versions of D&D and dare I say it, 5th edition. 

Seriously folks, I don't care what edition/version/clone of Dungeons and Dragons you're playing, pick this bad boy up.You won't regret it.

Tars Tarkas approves of Warriors of the Red Planet

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