Friday, August 29, 2014

#RPGaDay 29

Day 29 - Most Memorable Encounter

In my 20+ years of gaming I've had some memorable encounters, but this is one of my favorites (that I don't really talk about).

Gren Tealeaf-Tosskettle was a halfling rogue/fighter/whisperknife. He traveled with his companions among the Ruins of the Dragonlord. While he never finished that quest, he did have a few memorable encounters. My favorite involved a minotaur. The party came up on him in a dungeon. He was a warrior slave to their enemy. First having sympathy on the beast man, the party freed him from his shackles. Soon, they realized that the though he didn't deserve slavery, the creature was a killer.

Gren used his fast-talking skills to keep the minotaur busy while the party quietly prepped for confrontation. He then let loose with his lucky dagger (the weapon of his whisperknife grandfather) and delivered a deadly sneak attack to the brute. The party fought the beast for a bit, until it made a break for it. Most of the party was cool with letting it go, but Gren didn't want to beast to come back for revenge or worse unleash its fury on innocents. He chased the brute down and with skill, luck, and the blessings of Yondalla finished him off in a one of one fight.

Yeah the party softened him up, but Gren was the one that stopped the brute. It was hard to believe that my halfling rogue 3/fighter 1 took down a minotaur, but he did.

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