Friday, August 8, 2014

#RPGaDay 8

Day 8 - Favourite Character

I've talked about this before and it comes as no surprise to anyone that knows me, but my favorite character is Ulic Razorwing. Ulic is an avariel bladesinger, and the son of my first D&D character, Will. He's wish fulfillment and all those things I want to be (or did when I was in high school and made him). He's handsome, quick, popular, and heroic.

I played Ulic until he was about 16th level in various groups. He fought orcs and goblins, assassins and pirates, and teamed up with Drizzt and Wulfgar. After I stopped playing him, I continued his stories in fiction with one of my closest friends, Amber. Ulic met his wife, Titania, daughter of a succubus, went to the Abyss (a few times), and became a father. Amber and I stopped talking for a while and she wanted to continue with the characters she'd created so Ulic's life fell apart. Believing his wife and daughter were dead, he decided to turn his roadside inn/tavern into an orphanage and community for those without family.

His enemies (and he had many) destroyed this community and killed many of the residents. Ulic has since rebuilt it. These days he's bitter at the losses he's suffered but he still fights the good fight. He divides his time between recruiting warriors to defend the realm and serving as bartender to his tavern, The Diamond. Ulic was created during 3rd Edition and lived through the Spellplague (which was tough on him because his magic faltered). He's still alive in 5th edition and I'm thinking that I may have a sidetrek encounter in my Tyranny of Dragons game that includes him and his inn.

BTW, his wife and daughter are still alive and one of these days Amber and I will reunite them.

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