Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Geekin' Weekend

I had an extended weekend of awesomeness. I was able to get the Goodman Games 5E adventures for me at Gen Con. I saw a great nerd rap show at my favorite comic shop, Super-Fly Comics & Games. The shop was running a sale so I grabbed my 5E PHB, Hoard of the Dragon Queen, and some minis, including the premium ancient copper dragon.
Planeswalkers: Mikal kHill, Garruk, yours truly, and Tribe One

Orc, pegasus, female rock gnome wizard, mane, kobold and human red wizard minis

Green and Bronze Dragons

An ancient copper dragon mini

Leftover Free RPG Day Swag given to me by the cats at Super-Fly Comics & Games.
Glitterdoom and The Fey Sisters Fate (Goodman Games 5E Adventures)

I finally have them.

I'm having all my nerdy rap friends sign the inside covers of my 5E PHB,
Tribe One and Mikal kHill were the first.

Grabbed a couple of cd's by my dude Tribe One, his new EP and the debut release of his side project
Malibu Shark Attack!.

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