Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October Horror Movie Challenge - Cold Prey II (2008)

This post has spoilers about the first Cold Prey. You've been warned.

Synopsis: Jannicke (the sole survivor of the first film) wakes up in a hospital. The bodies of her friends and the psychotic Mountain Man that killed them are brought to hospital. Soon she discovers that the Mountain Man isn't as dead as he seems and her nightmare isn't over.

The Good: Cold Prey II is a solid sequel. Like the first, in some ways it feels like a Norwegian version of Halloween. It was interesting to learn more about the Mountain Man. Also, Jannicke's final action in the movie is fantastic. All survivors need to do it (that is if they want to continue to survive).

The Bad: Much like the first, I really don't see anything wrong with this movie.

Final Thoughts: While it didn't wow me quite like the original, Cold Prey II is a great sequel.

In Your Game: Unleash the Mountain Man (or another killer like him) on your cast!

Name: The Mountain Man
Motivation: Hunt and Kill
Critter Type:  Human(?) Psycho
Attributes: Str 8, Dex 5, Con 10, Int 2, Per 5, Will 5
Ability Scores: Muscle 22, Combat 15 , Brains 10

Life Points: 97                Drama Points: 10
Special Abilities:  Increased Life Points, Natural Toughness, Resistance (Cold) 5

Name               Score                     Damage               Notes
Grapple               15                           -                      Resisted by Dodge
Pickaxe               15                          45                     Slash/Stab

The Mountain Man likes to play with his prey. A killing blow isn't always his first move. Also, he tends to spend his Drama Points to use "I Think I'm Okay."

New To Me Movies Watched: 5
Total Movies Watched: 7

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