Friday, October 10, 2014

October Horror Movie Challenge - Godzilla (2014)

Synopsis: The king of monsters must face recently risen kaiju, made stronger by the creations of man.

The Good: Godzilla looks great in this movie. Some people don't like the bulkier look, I'm not some people. It was cool to see the King of Monsters as the hero from pretty much his initial appearance. I really enjoyed the cast. The cast was entertaining. I'm always a fan of Cranston and Wantanabe. Also, I really liked Aaron Taylor-Johnson as the lead.

The Bad: The movie kind of felt it dragged to me. The MUTO design was alright, but not fantastic. Also, this is a Godzilla movie and I didn't think Big G got enough screen time. Also, while I though it was cool that he was the hero, the whole "nature has a way to keep balance" thing was mentioned a few times but not explained. Why does Godzilla only fight the MUTO?

Final Thoughts: This isn't a horror movie, but I thought it fit on the list because Godzilla is the King of Monsters. The movie wasn't bad, but its not the best kaiju movie I've seen in a while. Pacific Rim still holds that place. Also, if you want a movie with giant monsters and a focus on humans dealing with them, I recommend Gareth Edwards previous giant monster flick, 2010's Monsters.

In Your Game: While some games let you take on kaiju directly, they're better used as plot devices in most games. A kaiju  attack on a city would be an exciting way to kick off a game.

And then there is always the Tarrasque...

New To Me Movies Watched: 8
Total Movies Watched: 11

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