Sunday, October 5, 2014

October Horror Movie Challenge - REC (2007)

Synopsis: A tv reporter and her cameraman follow two Barcelona firefighters into a dark apartment on a call. They quickly find themselves locked inside with something contagious... and evil.

The Good: This flick is probably the best of the shaky cam movies out there. I'm not normally a fan of movies like this (I kind of liked Cloverfield and Chronicle). My shaky cam reservations aside, I found myself really enjoying this movie. I wanted to hate Angela, but in the end couldn't. The infected residents are a good take on the fast zombie and the film offered up a few good scares. The ending revelation of the source of the infection is fantastic. I'm looking forward to watching some of the later films, because I've read that it's further explored.

The Bad: It's shaky cam. If you don't like shaky cam, you will not like this movie. Also, if you don't like watching films with subtitles and don't speak Spanish, you're out of luck.

Final Thoughts: This movie is far superior to the American remake, Quarantine. Doomsday cults and super rabies don't do it for me.... now viral demonic possession... that gets my blood going.

In Your Game: While they are not traditional zombies, these infected would be perfect for an All Flesh Must Be Eaten game. So I present to you, the possessed....

The Possessed
Str: 2 Dex: 2 Con: 2 Int: 1 Per: 2 Will: 2
DPs: 26 EPs: n/a Spd: 4 Essence: 6
Skills: Brawling 2
Attacks: Bite damage d4 x 2 (4) slashing
Weak Spots: All
Getting Around: Life-Like
Strength: Dead Joe Average
Sense: Like the Living
Sustenence: Who Needs Food?
Intelligence: Animal Cunning
Spreading the Love: One Bite and You're Hooked (see below)
Power: 23

Victims bitten by these zombies must make a Difficult Constitution Test every hour thereafter. Every time the Test is failed, the victim loses d6 x 2 (6) Life Points. Upon reaching -10 Life Points, the character becomes a Possessed, rising in d4  minutes. Any Cast Member who is killed outright by a possessed attack rises again in d6 minutes.

New To Me Movies Watched: 3
Total Movies Watched: 5

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