Saturday, October 11, 2014

October Horror Movie Challenge - Detention (2011)

Synopsis: A killer is copying horror movie character Cinderhella and stalking the student body of Grizzly Lake. The students must band together to to survive, while serving detention.

The Good: This movie is totally aware of what it is and seems to revel in it. The cast is enjoyable. Josh Hutcherson and Shanley Caswell are great leading characters. The plot is bizarre, but in a good way. Most character get their own little vignette in the film, including  SPOILERS.......the bear statue.

The Bad: This movie is about as hipster as it gets.The music, the references, everything, it all screams trendy hipster. Oh yeah and Dane Cook is in the flick.

Final Thoughts: This movie is probably way to quirky for most. I definitely said "what the fuck" several times the first time I watched it. Still, there's just something about it I love.

In Your Game: If you're running a Buffy game or any other gaming taking place in high school, you could probably get some inspiration from this flick.

New To Me Movies Watched: 9
Total Movies Watched: 13

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