Monday, November 17, 2014

Kickstarter - Tabletop Props: Covered Wagon

Alright folks, I've found a new kickstarter I like and wanted to share, Tabletop Props: Covered Wagon

Here are the details for the wagons:

The Covered Wagon

This heroic scale (30 mm) miniature includes 16 removable pieces.
  • The cover comes off to reveal the contents of the wagon.
  • The wagon top comes off to become a simple cart.
  • 7 removable bags, 2 barrels, 2 lanterns, bucket, and a frying pan.
The wagons look great and you can get them in one of four variations. Personally I'm thinking about getting three. I definitely want a gypsy and a standard. I don't know if I want to get a battle-worn for my third or get a second of one of the others.The creator will also include two to-scale horses or cows to complete the visual experience.

The stretch goals are nice little additions too. So far a dead tree has been unlocked. The next is a campfire, and the final is tent (with more removable pieces). 

If you like to use minis in your game, check this kickstarter out.


  1. Creator of Tabletop Props here! Thank you so much for your great review and helping to spread the word of my awesome campaign! Hope to see you there soon!

    1. Thanks for the awesome project. They look great and I've been telling all of my friends about them.