Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Chained Coffin Has Arrived!

Today I got a pack from 'Ol Blackcloak himself. 

I backed The Chained Coffin kickstarter months ago.  I loved the idea of an Appalachian inspired table-top fantasy adventure. I downloaded the pdf months ago and was impressed. The adventure is fun and does a great job of capturing the mountain spirit. Because of the kickstarter, what was originally supposed to be an adventure with moving pieces for a puzzle turned into a hellacool boxed set. This is what I got for a measly 30 bucks. 
Boxed set with awesome cover
Silver Foil cover version of adventure (and mini adventure)
Player handout of puzzle with movable pieces.
Level 0 and level 3 adventure set in Shudder Mountains setting.
Companion which features new magic and monsters as well as an Almanac detailing the region. 
Physical map of the Shudder Mountain region
I've not had time to delve deep in the material, but what I've read is quality stuff. I'm thinking about placing the Shudder Mountains somewhere in the Spine of the World in Faerun and sending my players their in my 5E game.

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