Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ash Wednesday - Jason X

Jason X was a really bad movie, but in it's own way was kind of fun. Since Ash has already faced off with Jason in the comics and he time hops, it's easy to see him having an encounter with the future version of the unstoppable killing machine.

You can see my original Jason stats here.

Name: Über Jason
Motivation: Kill teens the good ol' fashioned way
Critter Type: Cybernetic Undead Slasher
Attributes: Str 15, Dex 5, Con 15, Int 3, Per 5, Will 5
Ability Scores: Muscle 31, Combat 17, Brains 12
Life Points:  325    Drama Points: 5
Special Abilities:  Bulletproof (Divide bullet damage taken by 10), Increased Life Points, (Un)Natural Toughness, Regeneration (10 LP a minute), Supernatural Senses (Detect Sin), Won’t Stay Dead (You can kill him, but Über Jason will always come back)

Name               Score                     Damage               Notes
Grapple              19                          -                        Resisted by Dodge
Machete             17                          60                     Slash/Stab

How do you make Jason Vorhees deadlier? Give him regenerating nanites! Über Jason is even more powerful than normal. The nanites increase his strength and stamina, and constantly regenerate his wounds. Note, like my original write-up, this version of Jason normally takes the full attack option. He sees no reason to dodge attacks.


  1. Fun! I never saw Jason X, and I am sure I didn't miss much. But I can see uses for this guy.

  2. We just found your wonderful Blog....
    Great gaming stats...!!!
    A Lot of "catch-up" reading...
    a very "entertaining" Blog.... Nothing wrong with being a Librarian ...
    We took a year of "Library Sciences" back in high school and have worked and helped out at Libraries in the past .... W really love old books....
    A great evening to you and yours...