Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A-Z Challenge - A is for Arockalypse Demon

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I'm Justin. I'm a geek, gamer, and librarian. This is my gaming blog. All of my posts for this A-Z are going to be related to the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game by Goodman Games.

Inspired by the music of Finnish heavy metal band Lordi, I present to you the Arockalypse Demon! I think they'd fit right in the setting used for the DCC Zine, Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad.

Arockalypse Demon (Free-willed/Type VI)

Arockalypse demons are independent fiends that travel the known world preparing it for the Day of Rockening. Unlike many demons, the Arockalypse aren't initially hostile to mortals. They travel the world as missionaries, spreading the gospel of Rock. Rarely seen alone, they are often accompanied by undead servitors (typically zombies, ghouls, or sexy vampire vixens).

Init +1, Atk unholy touch +12 melee (3d6+6) or hard rock hallelujah missile fire (2d6+6, sonic damage range 100'); AC 21; HD 8d8+8; hp 66; MV 60'; Act 2d20; SP spells, demon traits;  SV Fort +10, Ref +10, Will +12; AL C

Arockalypse demons can cast Ventriloquism, Magic Mouth, and Word of Command at a +8 spell check.

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