Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ash Wednesday

There is a full trailer for Ash vs Evil Dead and it is glorious! Inspired by this awesomeness and acknowledging that Cinematic Unisystem is the system I have the easiest time writing for, I've decided to bring back Ash Wednesday. Enjoy the trailer!

Okay, once you calm down, we'll continue.

It's okay.

I'm in no rush.

Okay, totally fucking awesome, right!?!

Once the series comes out, I plan on statting out the new characters, especially the lovely Lucy Lawless's Knowsby character. Until then I'm going to stick with inspiration from video games and movies.Here's a list of ideas:

Any other suggestions?

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  1. Cool Beans on the return of Ash Wednesday! And Tucker and Dale would be awesome as well. Underated classic.

    How about the demons from the Argento/Bava films Demons and Demons 2? Bobby Rhodes as Tony the Pimp would make a great Promised One.

    Great work!