Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Ash Wednesday - Knightrider

No I didn't misspell the name of this post. Today I'm presenting you with a new archetype based on (in my opinion) an underrated George A. Romero flick, Knightriders.

Life Points: 93
Drama Points: 10

Strength: 7
Dexterity: 6
Constitution: 6
Intelligence: 2
Perception: 3
Willpower: 5

Qualities: +28
Attractiveness 2 (+2)
Contacts 1 (+1)
Criminal (+2)
Fast Reaction Time (Part of Promised One)
Hard to Kill 7 (+5/+2, Part of Promised One)
Natural Toughness (+2)
Nerves of Steel (Part of Promised One)
Promised One (+16)

Drawbacks: -8
Adversary (-2, Part of Promised One)
Honorable 3 (-3)
Mental Problems (Reckless, Severe - 2)
Outcast 2 (-2)

Crime 2
Doctor 1
Driving/Riding 5
Getting Medieval 5
Influence 1
Knowledge 2
Kung Fu 4
Mr. Fix It 3
Notice 1

Maneuvers:          Bonus     Damage           Notes
Dodge                       11           None        Avoid getting hit; -2 against ranged,; p. 89
Sword                       11             28           Str +1 if two hands; pg. 101

Background on Knightrider

Once upon a time I was a a simple brigand. I was a One Percenter and my life was heading towards an early grave. Then I met King Morgan. At first I thought they were crazy. Riding around on their bikes pretending to be knights? I've known some crazy guys, but these guys were out of their heads. We trashed their little traveling festival and moved on.

A few days later I crashed, hard. We were hauling drugs and my brothers, grabbed the stash and left me for dead. Morgan and his knights found me and nursed my wounds. I listened to their stories and felt like I owed them my life. Once I was able to ride again, I became a knight.

Lately I've been getting these feelings. Something bad is coming. Whatever it may be, I'll take it down with honor and steel.

"Camelot is not a place," *draws sword* "It's a state of mind."

Roleplaying the Knightrider
You used to be a bad man. You are afraid you still might be. That's why you follow the knight's code. You fight for those who can't defend themselves.

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  1. We remember watching this one years ago... even have an article (early Fangoria, I think) ...
    Was not very well received "Excalibur" came out around that time as well.....