Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Gencon Haul and Kickstarter Goodness

Well I didn't go to Gencon this year, but that doesn't mean I didn't get stuff from Gencon. My best friend Wirty and his lovely wife went and picked up a few things for me. I asked them to grab the two digest sized adventures for Dungeon Classics. One is for Peril on the Purple Planet and the other for The Chained Coffin (which are two kickass boxed sets for DCC). While buying them he was given a DCC swag bag. The bag itself is cool, but the contents are even better. There were pins, post cards, an issue of the Goodman Games Gazzette (which featured a new monster and item that were statted for DCC and 5E). In addition there was a signature scavenger hunt insert that I might actually flesh out and turn into a full adventure. Finally there was a large pad of DCC characters sheets. 

You probably also notice a miniature in the pile of stuff. That is a convention exclusive Blindwater Brew Witch Doctor for Hordes. For game purposes she's a gatorman witch doctor, but sculptwise she's a sexy brew lady. 
Overall, not a bad haul at all. In addition to getting some Gencon swag my Maximum Mayhem Dungeons Kickstarter material came in. I didn't back the original (because I didn't really back Kickstarters to the extent that I do now). However +Timothy Brannan made a few posts about it and really got me interested. When I saw that +Mark Taormino was doing a second adventure I jumped on the opportunity to back it. Lucky for me I was able to pick up the first book when I backed the second. Mark's adventures are gonzo OSR affairs that are a lot of fun. I'll post more about them later on. Oh yeah, I got a few prints along with the books. 
"Yep, that's going to kill the party."
I might just be a tad excited.

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