Saturday, September 26, 2015

Bard Stuff - Songs About D&D

I love gaming (big surprise, I know) and I love music. The videos in this post are my favorite songs about playing D&D. What are your favorites?

Allie Goertz - Tonight (D&D Song)
This song is really sweet and captures some of my favorite aspects of D&D.

Mikey Mason - Best Game Ever (A Different D&D Song)
This song is not really sweet (nor is it supposed to be) and I love it. I feel like I've played many a session with the player he sings about.

Roll a D6
I love this parody. The original song was catchy, but this version is catchier and I love the video.

Emerald Rose - Never Split the Party
Sage advice... and LEGOS!

SJ Tucker - Playing D&D
I'm a fan of SJ Tucker and D&D. This video is cool because it includes Dead Gentleman material.

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