Thursday, October 22, 2015

Never Stop Learning

This is a slight deviation from my typical blog posts.

My friend Sean (aka Sulfur) has a new album coming out, Re: Birth. You can order it here. The album drops next week and it's going to be fire. 

Earlier this week he released a video for the track, Never Stop Learning. I wanted to share it here for a few reasons. First, Sulfur one of my favorite rappers and I love sharing the good news.Second, the song is awesome, and samples music from MacGyver. Lastly, the video showcases Sulfur doing something he loves, picking locks. He doesn't do this for nefarious purposes mind you, for him it's all about the fun and challenge. This video includes the new track, instructions on how to make lock picking tools (using only two metal paperclips and a quarter), and how to actually pick a lock.

Want to feel like your favorite rogue? Want to be able to get in your house if you lock yourself? Watch this video and level up.

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