Saturday, October 17, 2015

October Horror Movie Challenge - Devil's Pass (2013)

Synopsis: To figure out what happened Dyatlov Pass incident, five U.S. college students retrace the hike. The students don't return from the expedition, but the the footage found of their journey is deemed to disturbing for public viewing.

The Good: The real world incident that inspired this is fascinating. The movie itself is pretty descent. I do like the cyclical nature of the ending. It was very satisfying.

The Bad: Found footage has been done to death. Seriously, it's an interesting concept every once in a while, but these movies are coming out all the time. Another problem I see with this movie, is it doesn't have a lot of scares.

Final Thoughts: I liked this movie. I didn't think it was great, but it's not bad. If you don't have a problem with found footage stuff, check it out.

In Your Game: The creatures could easily be recreated in most game systems by using a morlock/troglodyte creature stats and giving it the ability to teleport.

New To Me Movies Watched: 16.5
Total Movies Watched: 19


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