Thursday, November 5, 2015

Heading to the Keep on the Borderlands

I'm about to start my second 5th edition game. My first game is still ongoing, though we don't play often. Starting Sunday I'll be DM'ing a second 5th edition game. After much discussion, comtemplation, wailing, and gnashing of teeth I've decided that I'm running starting with Keep on the Borderlands and putting it in the Forgotten Realms. Other than a brief 4E game I was involved with, I've never played Keep on the Borderlands. I know that there was a playtest version of it in Next, but I plan on using the original module and the 5E conversion document.

I had originally thought about placing it on Oerth or doing a homebrew setting, but I recently grabbed a copy of the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide from my library and there's comfort in the Forgotten Realms for me. Though I've never considered myself a real Realms fanboy, it's a very familiar setting to me and my players.

I'm making the keep High Horn, a mountain fortress on Cormyr that seems like a good fit. The fortress was once a huge stronghold, but in my game it was seriously damaged during the Spellplague and Sundering. It has since been rebuilt (though on a smaller scale). The castellan is a retired Purple Dragon Knight, Sir Ambrose Huntcrown (whom I'm picturing as Ian McShane). I'm going to place agents of the various FR factions in the keep. Their importance to the game will be connected to the party's interest.

We'll be playing every other Sunday. The group structure will be a bit odd. The only regular player will be my old friend Chad. He's thinking about playing a cleric of some sort. Our old high school D&D pal Josh will be playing every other game (so about once a month). He's leaning towards a fighter or archery ranger. Finally Stew's going to be a semi-regular (depending on pro football and family obligations). He's leaning towards human witch hunter. Yep, I've decided to allow Matt Mercer's witcher/Vin Diesel inspired Witch Hunter. Since the group is rather small we're going to be trying out Kobold Press' Hirelings in Peril rules. They seem simple. If they work, I may come up with some new hireling types and post them.

I'm going to primarily using modules for this game. I think it'll make it easier, given the time between sessions. After Keep I'm seriously contemplating going to this and eventually this. Any other module recommendations would be appreciated.

I hope to make regular posts about the game with updates on the session and downtime events and such. I say that about all my games, let's see if I stick to it this time.

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