Friday, December 11, 2015

Bundle of Holding - Ubiquity

Want to give one of the Ubiquity games a shot? Now is the time. The current Bundle of Holding is
chocked full of great Ubiquity content. For 11.95 you can grab the starter, which has the core books for Hollow Earth Expedition (with GM Screen and Addendum), All for One: Diabolique Regime (with GM Screen), Leagues of Adventure. The retail value of those pdfs is $66.00. If you pay more than the threshold price you get six more titles (valued at $71.00).

Here are the bonus titles:

  • Desolation: high fantasy post-apocalyptic game (core rules)
  • Mysteries of the Hollow Earth: new secrets for HEX
  • All for One: Paris Gothique: a huge guide to Paris (with new monsters, lackeys, and supernatural locations)
  • Leagues of Adventure: Weird Science Compendium - new gadgets, weapons, vehicles, henchman and Leagues for LoA.
  • All for One: Le Mousquetaire Deshonore: a four part campaign for AfO 

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