Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Pathfinder Adventure Paths

I don't have much personal play experience with Pathfinder's Adventure Path's. I own all of Skull and Shackles and Shattered Star. I just picked up the Rise of the Rune Lords Anniversary edition last week (for only 30 bucks at Half-Price Books... woot woot). I also have random parts ofCouncil of Thieves, Reign of Winter, and Giant Slayer. When all is said and done though, I've only actually played a session of Curse of the Crimson Throne and Serpent's Skull and ran one session of Kingmaker.

My friend Stew has ran several, though I believe Rise of the Rune Lords and Carrion Crown are the only ones he's finished. He and I have discussed them on several occasions. Honestly, the idea of the adventure paths appeal to me, but in execution they just tend to fall flat in my eyes. In particular one issue I see with several of them is that they're extended chase scenes in which the party has to constantly be on the move to stop the foe (Serpent's Skull and Carrion Crown are guilty of this). And then there's Jade Regent, the AP that should have been awesome, but ultimately turned into one giant escort mission (ugh, wait make that a double ugh).

While I wouldn't mind playing in any of the adventure paths, I think the ones that most interest me are the ones that include more sandbox elements, namely Skull and Shackles and Kingmaker.

I'm in love with 5E and I don't see that love affair ending anytime soon. I have two regular 5E games (and a pick-up one). That being said, once one of the games ends, I think Kingmaker will be my triumphant return to Pathfinder.

I'll run these bad boys someday...

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