Thursday, January 28, 2016

I Refuse To Make A Soviet Russia Joke...

...but I'm not above referencing them.

Recently I've seen some mention on some of the D&D Facebook groups about Russian miniatures. It seems that there is a historic/fantasy game in Russia called Castle Craft that has minis comparable to standard sized D&D ones. You can check out the (Russian) website here. The periodically get listed on eBay, thought they are quickly snatched up. I managed to buy a lot of 24 for 11 dollars (after international shipping). 

Packaging (Front and Back)
The minis
I put a D&D mini next to them to show scale.
The minis are a bit short and squat compared to standard 28 mm minis. In addition I have a feeling that they'd be tough to paint because of the type of plastic they're made from. That being said, they make great mook/horde miniatures and for the price, you can't beat them.

Again, I know the scale's not perfect, but I may pick up some of the castle sets too.

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