Friday, January 22, 2016

Pathfinder: People of the Rivers

I recently snagged some Pathfinder books at a great price and decided to keep my little mini reviews going. Today I'm going to talk about Pathfinder Player's Companion: People of the River.

The Basics: People of the River is a full-color 32 page Pathfinder book. The retail price is 12.99. It's a player focused book that describe the people that live in areas that border the Sellen River. The book is a tie-in to both the Iron Gods adventure path and The Emerald Spire and Thornkeep.

The Good: This book has a lot of crunch. It has 29 traits, 6 archetypes, seven feats, a cavalier order, 3 arcane discoveries, a sorcerous bloodline, barbarian powers,10 magic items, 7 spells, and more. My favorite archetypes are the witch ones. First we have the veneficus, which is a witch that specializes in poison. The second archetype is hag of Gyronna. This which dedicates herself to the minor goddesses of hags. Finally there is a really cool map of the Sellen River region that looks like something you could hand your players in game. The other thing that's cool about this book is that it's a good resource for Kingmaker, which takes place in the northeastern part of the River Kingdoms.

The Bad: This book is very divided. The material is either useful for Iron Gods or Emerald Spire, with not a lot of crossing over. It's just odd.

Final Thoughts: If you're playing Iron Gods, The Emerald Spire, or Kingmaker you will probably find this book useful. Otherwise, it's one to pass on.

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