Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A to Z Blog Challenge 2016 Theme Reveal

It's almost time for the A-Z Blogging challenge. Today, like many other participants, I'm going to reveal my theme.

The first year I did the challenge, I blogged about World of the Darkness. The second year I focused on npcs/organizations for various fantasy games. Last year I focused on Dungeon Crawl classics and I'm sad to say I dropped out towards the end (my last post was for R). This year I wanted something simple, but fun.

2016's theme will be..... ALCOHOL!

I was going to post taverns and such, but I thought it would be more fun to create some fantasy booze that could be included into games. Along with a description, Each post will include some sort of gaming crunch and/or adventure hooks. I'll try to use a variety of systems and things, but keep them generic enough that they can be used in different fantasy settings.

Until this enjoy some alcohol infused pirate metal with Alestorm's Drink.

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