Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Curse of Strahd - Session 3

The Party 

Victor Luna (CG human blood hunter) - The de facto leader of the group, Victor is a ceaseless hunter and protector of the innocent.

Adrick Balgart (CN human druid) - Mysterious but humble druid, Adrick is shapeshifting abilities serve the group well.

Simon Barhorn (CN half-elf bard) - Self-serving, yet charismatic, Simon is the party's spokesperson.

Session 3

The session began with the party continuing their exploration of of the crypts beneath the Death House. They found the cult leaders rooms and were ambushed by Rose and Thorn's parents. Victor quickly learned that ghasts were nothing to laugh at (having spent a majority of the combat paralyzed). Heading down the next floor they destroyed all the items in the reliquary. The encounter in the ritual chamber was rather tense. No one wanted to step into the fetid water, so Adrick shapechanged into a giant spider to get to the dais without entering the water. The cultists appeared and began chanting "One must die!" Wanting nothing to do with the encounter, the party were forced to combat Lorghoth the Decayer. After defeating the shambling mound the party moved to exit the haunted house. Re-entering the attic, the quickly learned that the house wanted them dead (crazy form a place called the Death House, huh?). All sources of flame spewed poisonous gas, swarms of rats poured from the walls, and the doors were replaced with swinging blades. While Victor was ko'd in his escape attempt, the party made it out of the house.

The party met a local teen, Alyriah, who directed them to the Blood of the Vine. Here they met Ismark the Lesser, who asked them to help his sister Ireena. The party rested for the night and questioned the Vistani owners of the inn the next morning. After tempers calmed down, the trio sat out for the burgomaster's home. They spoke with Ismark, met the beautiful Ireena, and have agreed to deliver the burgomaster's body to the graveyard.

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