Wednesday, April 6, 2016

E is for Elven Absinthe

Art Nouveau Absinthe Poster by MyBeautifulMonsters
"While elves are primarily known for their wine, their absinthe is unforgettable. Well the absinthe is unforgettable, what you do when you drink it... that's another story. I remember this one time I was drinking with my old adventuring companion, Grix. We both get plastered and passed out. Thing is, after that I don't see him for a few weeks. When I finally do run into him again, he's covered in vines and muttering something about satyrs and dryads. By the Nine Hells, that's what I call a strong drink."

-Cade Ashworthy

Elven Absinthe

The recipe for elven abinthe is a closely guarded wood elf secret. While other absinthes are said to cause hallucinations of the green fairy, the sights created from drinking elven absinthe are not hallucinations but actual visions in the Feywild.

Being an extremely strong spirit, the constitution DC saving throw to avoid intoxication after drinking a glass is 20. In addition, on the third failed Constitution saving throw, the character (and his gear) are transported to the Feywild.* Bottles of elven absinthe can't be purchased, though wood elves are known to bring them out for celebrations and gift them to those that have done a great service to their people.

*I've revised my alcohol house rules. Also I realize that real absinthe is nothing like the legends of absinthe, but this is a fantasy game and I wanted to have some fun.


  1. I could imagine some cool rituals revolving around this, as well.

  2. Ok. I am totally stealing this! This is seriously fun.

    Tim Brannan, The Other Side Blog
    2015 A to Z of Adventure!

  3. We just learned of How to make this drink using Wormwood. A cool post (Goes well with the Battle-Mug)... An enjoyable "take" on an under-rated aspect of the Elements of the game. Little things like this are really give your Game-Worlds more "Life".(also often making for a more memorable game, if nothing else, the players tend to remember these Cool bits even if they mostly forgot about the other elements of the story-line.

  4. You could write a whole adventure around this idea, like fear & loathing but with elves and fairies

  5. But all the cool writers of the early 20th century drank absinthe.i dont think there were elves in it thought.