Friday, April 8, 2016

G is for Grog

"Sail the seas. Get rich of plunder. Have a different lass in every port. All of this sounds really good.  Yeah I tried the pirate thing. It's not that great. I mean grog... you can keep it. Watered down booze? If I wanted that I'd drink that stuff, I'd drink the swill the goblins make. No, thanks."

-Cade Ashworthy


Water in barrels tends to go stagnant. Because of this, pirates and other sailors will mix beer and wine with it to make it more palatable. In other cases rum and spirits were mixed with water to allow sailors to drink, but not get to drunk (and to make supplies last longer). Because of it's watered down nature, the constitution saving throw to avoid getting drunk on grog is DC 5.

Enterprising sailors with magical talented have created the following enchanted grogs:

Captain's Friend
Potion, common

Anyone drinking this enchanted grog find themselves more susceptible to suggestion. The imbiber suffers disadvantage to charm related saving throws. This effect ends after the drinker takes a short rest.

Sailor's Savior
Potion, common

Created by mixing traditional grog with mermaid tears, for 1 hour after drinking this grog you have a swimming speed of 40 feet.

Filthly Landlubber
Potion, common

The bane of sailors, for 1 hour after drinking this grog your movement is reduced by 10 feet and you have disadvantage on movement based skill checks (such as tumbling and jumping).


  1. The Cade Ashworthy quotes set a nice tone to start out each of these posts.

    1. My friend, Dave, acttually illustrated him form me and he'll be the focus of tomorrow's post.

  2. So it's liquored up after with a hint of wood... No thanks. ;)

  3. Water* (It looked like it said after when I hit send, but not sure lol)