Monday, April 25, 2016

U is for Umbral Blot

"The shadar-kai are an odd lot. Their numbing existence in the Shadowfell has caused many of them to seek extreme experiences just to feel something. Take their favored brew, Umbral Blot, for example. The magically infused booze isn't for lightweights."

-Cade Ashworthy

Umbral Blot
Rare, potion

Umbral Blot is a strong alcohol made from various shadowfell mushrooms and laced with living shadowstuff. Characters under the affects of Umbral Blot tend to be reckless, gaining disadvantage on Wisdom saving throws. However, the shadowstuff also temporarily transforms their very being, making them more shadow-like. Drinkers gain advantage to stealth ability checks. A strong drink the Constitution saving throw DC to avoid intoxication from Umbral Blot is 20. The effects of Umbral Blot last until the drinker takes a long rest.

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  1. Very cool, once again! It struck me while reading this one that your selection of beverages might look really interesting set up in the design of a restaurant's drink menu. You've hit a lot of interesting effects this month.