Monday, May 2, 2016

Curse of Strahd - Session 4

The Party 

Victor Luna (CG human Oath of Vengeance Paladin) - The de facto leader of the group, Victor is a ceaseless hunter and protector of the innocent.

Adrick Balgart (CG human Light cleric) - Cleric of Lathander, branded a heretic, he seeks redemption and revenge against the creatures of the night

Simon Barhorn (CN half-elf bard) - Self-serving, yet charismatic, Simon is the party's spokesperson.

Session 3

The characters traveled with Ismark and his father's body to the church. They heard cries coming from beneath it. Confronting the priest, they discovered that his son had been corrupted by the Devil, Strahd.  Not wanting to see his son slain, the priest assured them that the Morninglord would deliver Doru. Not wanting to let the creature suffer and wanting to slay a monster, the party convinced Ismark to keep the priest busy during the funeral service, while they entered the basement to kill the vampire spawn. The party quickly learned that they were no match for the creature (having little offensive magic and no radiant damage). Victor and Simon dashed up the stairs and resealed the entrance, while Adrick transformed into a spider and crawled through the cracks in the ceiling.

This fight would have went much differently if the characters were the classes they finally decided upon.
After some discussion, Victor and Adrick's players decided they wanted to play different characters. I'd discussed this with them previously and had no issue with it. Victor's monster-filled origin remains pretty much the same, except now he's an Oath of Vengeance paladin serving Selune instead of a Order of the Lycan, blood hunter (which is fine because he never shifted). Adrick went from bear tank druid, to Sun Bro. Adrick is now a cleric of Lathander, excommunicated for false reasons (a vampire serving Strahd corrupted a hiring ranking priest). He's quickly realizing that the Morninglord of Barovia and Lathander have connections...

After burying Ismark and Ireena's father, the group set out to Vallaki. The come across the gallows and the crumbling wall, outside of the village. Here they encounter a mysterious bard and battle skeletal warriors. They traveled along the road, encountered mountain folk and a mysterious grave by the road.
Battle at the Crumbling Wall
We ended on a cliffhanger...entering the woods near Vallaki the heroes found themselves surrounded by a pack of Strahd's servants of the night.
I only have one wolf mini, so I had to make substitutions.

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