Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Threadbare Kickstarter

Post-apocalyptic teddy bears? Patchwork action figures? Righteous lost sock explorers? Misfit frankentoys? This all sounds awesome to me.

Threadbare RPG is a a kickstarter for a stitchpunk rpg. It uses the popular Apocalypse World engine.

You might be asking what stitchpunk is? I did. It's handcrafted anarchy. Remember the strange but beautiful movie 9? It's the best example of threadpunk I can find.

The game seems like a lot of fun and honestly pretty kid friendly (despite the sort of creepy artwork). It's only 15 dollars for a full color pdf  and black and white soft cover. I'm going to back this one in hopes that I can talk my boy wonder, Grayson into playing. I think this will be a cool gateway tabletop for him.

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  1. When I worked with kids in an arts program, I used to play the stuffed animal battle game Fuzzy Heroes with them. They loved it! So...Fuzzy Heroes + Mad Max looks pretty awesome to me...