Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Literary Magic Items - Samson Agonistes

Kobold Press has delighted the literature student in me once again. Previously I've discussed mentioned their items from Dante's Inferno. In Milton & Magic: Mythical Items from English Literature the folks give us a few barbarian items inspired by Samson Agonistes. The article gives us two magic items.

The first is the Sword of Bone (aka the jaw bone of an ass that Samson slew an army of Philistines with). It's a great club that deals massive damage and makes its wielder (understandably more intimidating). The second is the Lock of Hair. This wondrous item contains some of Samson's might and enhanced the wielders barbaric abilities.

I really enjoyed both of these items and hope Kobold Press continues with this literary trend. Who knows, perhaps I could even get in on it and stat some literary items and monsters. Any suggestions?


  1. When I was a kid, I decided it'd be cool to get some of the action figures they had at the Christian bookstore at the mall. My mom obviously thought this was a great idea and was happy to oblige. The question, though, was which figures were cool enough to actually want to play with.

    The David and Goliath set was a no-brainer. The only other one that really caught my eye was the Samson, who actually came with a little plastic ass jawbone! I thought that was amazing.

    These magic items hit home. Thanks for pointing them out!

    1. I wanted those as a kid, but never was able to get them. Specifically, I wanted the ones you mentioned.

    2. Really? Kinda cool to hear I wasn't the only one who thought they were worthwhile!

    3. I'm not anymore, but I was a really religious kid and teen.