Friday, August 26, 2016

#RPGaDay 2016 - Day 26

Day 26 - What hobbies go well with rpgs?

I think most table top games go well with rpgs. Pretty much all of my D&D pals, also play board and card games. In addition, several of them play miniatures games, like Hordes and Iron Kingdoms. While there's some stigma with some grognards I've met, I think video game players and rpg players have a lot in common and are often one in the same. Well let me rephrase that, not a lot of video game players play rpg's, but most rpg players I know play video games.


  1. One of my great deficiencies in geekdom is a near-total lack of awareness of current video games (other than Hearthstone, if that even counts). I love love love some retro gaming, but I've encountered others who feel like me, that video games hit a level of development where I just quit understanding how to play them. It's kind of like if a hardcore chess player took a break for a while, and then when she came back to the game, she was given Warhammer and told, "Okay, this is what chess is now." I think maybe I just aged past the target demographic...

    1. I think it's an individual thing. I know a couple of D&D players in their 50's that also love video games. One even plays the Dark Souls series, which it too hardcore of a game for me.