Saturday, September 17, 2016

Deep Magic: Illumination and Ley Lines

The folks at Kobold Press have released two more PDFs in their 5E Deep Magic line.

Illumination Magic - Illumination is a new magic tradition created by the shadow fey. It bends light and shadow and is closely tied to stars and the plane of shadow. It has a new arcane tradition, feat, 22 spells, and a npc illuminator.

My thoughts: This school is fun and seems like it would be a lot of fun for an elven wizard. The feat provides some nice benefits.

Ley Lines - Ley lines are invisible rivers of magic power that flow through the land. This book discusses how they can be used (and the mechanics of doing so), two feats that allow characters to tap into them, the geomancy arcane tradition, and 15 new spells tied to ley lines.

My thoughts: Ley lines are a wonderful way to make your world more magical. If you're using the Forgotten Realms, this is a great way to emulate places were the Weave is strong.

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  1. Two of these "ley lines" (one at an odd angle, the other one from North to South)... and in that spot an underground stream has just "ruptured"... turning that side of the front yard to a weed-filled muddy mess....