Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Returning To The Lost Mine

This post contains spoilers for Storm King's Thunder.

I've got my copy of Storm King's Thunder and I'm preparing to start my new campaign with folks back home Friday. I really enjoy STK. Every encounter seems interesting to me, the story is solid (and inspired by King Lear), and the art is gorgeous. One issue I have with it though is that chapter one, A Great Upheaval, takes the characters from level 1-5 in just a few encounters. I discussed it with my party and we're going to start the campaign by going through the adventure in the 5e Starter Set, Lost Mine of Phadelver. It's a solid adventure that I really enjoyed running.

I still haven't decided which hook I'm going to use to connect the adventures. I could go with the suggested Triboar connection, but I kind of want to use the eccentric Zephyros and his tower. I might do that and still send the party to Bryn Shander.

For those of you that are planning on running Storm King's Thunder. Are you using A Great Upheaval or are you taking another route to start the story?


  1. That intro adventure is pretty fun. My friend Dennis is running STK, and I'm going to play a gnome ranger. Stoked!! We're very curious to see how he begins the campaign, and your post makes me even more curious.

    1. I love the intro to Storm King's Thunder, it's just too short in my opinion.