Thursday, October 6, 2016

October Horror Movie Challenge - Fright Night 2: New Blood (2013)

Synopsis: Charley Brewster and his friends, "Evil" Ed and Amy are a part of a high school study abroad class in Romania. Charley soon discovers that his sexy teacher, Gerri Dandridge, is in fact a vampire. He enlists the aid of internationally known vampire hunter, Peter Vincent, to give Gerri a more permanent version of death.

The Good: The Gerri of this version is Elisabeth Bathory. I do like that Charley and Amy are turned, but manage to become human again.

The Bad: This movie isn't a sequel, it's a re-imagining. Even the main characters have the same name (though some are spelled differently). The hero is Charley Brewster. His best friend is Evil Ed. His lover interest is Amy. The vampire is Gerri Dandridge. Finally the "supernatural expert" is Peter Vincent. And speaking of Peter Vincent, I was fine with the Criss Angel stage magician version played by David Tennant, but this version just bugged the Hell out of me. The asshole, ghost-hunter reality TV isn't cool man.

Final Thoughts: I regret watching this. I like bad vampire flicks, sequels, remakes, and re-imaginings. This one didn't do it for me though.

In Your Game:  
+Timothy Brannan has several write-ups of Elizabeth over at The Other Side in his Character section. However, I didn't see a Cinematic Uniystem version so I've done one of my own. Instead of going with a quicksheet, I did a full big bad write-up.

Name: Gerri Dandridge (Elizabeth Bathory)
Motivation: To stay young and beautiful forever...
Creature Type: Vampire

Strength: 8, Dexterity: 7, Constitution: 7, Intelligence: 5, Perception: 5, Willpower: 6
Life Points: 100
Drama Points: 10

Qualities: +45
Age 4 (+4)
Attractiveness 5 (+5)
Fast Reaction Time (+2)
Hard to Kill 10 (+10)
Hypnosis (+5)
Nerves of Steel (+3)
Resources: Rich (+4)
Vampire (+12)

Drawbacks: -6
Antisocial Impulses: Cruelty (-2)
Antisocial Impulses: Violence (-2)
Covetous (Lechery) 2 (-2)

Art 3
Doctor 2
Driving 2
Getting Medieval 3
Influence 5
Knowledge 5
Kung Fu 5
Languages 3
Notice 4
Occultism 3
Sports 3

Maneuvers:          Bonus     Damage           Notes
Bite                          13            16            Must grapple first; no defense action
Dodge                      13           None        Avoid getting hit; -2 against ranged,; p. 89
Grapple                    13             -             Defense action
Punch                       13            16           Bash

New To Me Movies Watched: 9
Total Movies Watched: 11

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