Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Red Dead Redemption - Retchers

With this I finish out the zombies of Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare, though I have a feeling I may do more Read Dead posts.


Str: 2 Dex: 2 Con: 2
Int: -2 Per: 1 Wil: 2
DPS: 26 Strength: Dead Joe Average (0)
EPS: n/a Senses: Like the Dead (0)
Essence: 6 Sustenance: All Flesh Must Be Eaten (0), Who Needs Food? (+8)
Spd: 4 Intelligence: Dumb as Deadwood (0)
Skills: Brawling 2 Weak Spot: All (0), Fire (-5)
Getting Around: Life-Like (+3)
Special: Spitter + 10, Explosive Personality +5
Power: 6

Spreading the Love: No matter who or what the zombie is, it infects the living in the same way. People who are bitten must make a Constitution Test, with a +2 bonus for a scratch or a light wound (9 points or less), no penalty for a deep bite or wound (more than 10 points of damage), and -1 for severe injuries (more than 20 points of damage). The Zombie Master may wish to make these rolls in secret. If infected, the victim suffers a wasting disease which imposes a cumulative -1 penalty per day to all Tasks or Tests (i.e., -2 on the second day, -3 on the third day, etc.). After (Constitution + willpower)/2 days, the character dies. If a character is killed by a zombie bite, he will rise up as another undead in 3-30 minutes (3D10).

Background: Retchers glow with an ominous green. They smell worse than typical undead. Worse yet, they can spit toxic bile and explode when killed.

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