Thursday, November 24, 2016

Dragon Age Hardcover

I'd call this a definite upgrade. I've had the Dragon Age Set I for a few years now. I finally decided to pick up the hardcover collection (which also contains material from the second and third sets). This book is gorgeous. It's 400+ plus full color pages. The system is very simple. You pick a background (which determines your race) and a class (warrior, mage, or rogue). Eventually you get to pick a specialization which is where you really start differentiating yourself from others. The game does a good job of translating the video game into a table top. After I get a better handle of the game, I'll probably stat my heroes from the video games into table top characters. There's also the real cool Dragon Effect fanart, that's begging to get the tabletop treatment.


  1. I've owned the 3 box sets for awhile now but never played them. I just put my spare sets in the silent auction at this years Con on the Cob so hopefully someone is enjoying them now. I'm considering picking up Fantasy Age since it's setting neutral.

    1. I want the generic Fantasy Age book as well. I grabbed this one because I love the Dragon Age games.

  2. I have been considering picking this up. I have only played a little of the DragonAge video game so no preconceived notions on what this should be for me.