Saturday, December 3, 2016

First Journey To The Iron Kingdoms

My character,Dougal McDougan, trollkin fell caller-sorcerer
Last night, some of my gaming friends back home and I gave the Iron Kingdoms RPG at test drive. The IKRPG is based on the Warmachine and Hordes miniatures games by Privateer Press. It's a magical medieval world with magic steam punk elements (including battle mechs).

If you're interested in  the game you can find quickstart rules, pre-gens, and the adventure we played, Full's Rush In, here. Because Wirty has the Iron Kingdoms and I have Iron Kingdoms Unleashed we made our own characters.

If you've ever played Hordes or Warmachine the system is quite easy. Everyone else had an their learn curve was really easy. I haven't played the game so it took me a bit too catch on, but it still wasn't too rough. You can tell the system was based on a miniatures game, because combat is a very tactical affair (and the game uses inches as measurement).

The session was fun and I'll be interested in playing the game again sometime.

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