Friday, January 20, 2017

Tales of the Scarecrow Review

Tales of the Scarecrow is a mini adventure/site for your Lamentations of the Flame Princess or other OSR games. If you think  you'll ever play it, stop reading now.

Written by +James Raggi, Tales of the Scarecrow clocks in at 10 pages (including front cover, table of contents, and the back cover).

The set-up is simple. The party will wonder through a cornfield, investigate a farm house, and then find themselves trapped. Beneath the cornfield is a eldritch grabboid-esque horror. Unfortunately the water and corn the players have access to will kill them, so the scenario becomes a test of creativity and survival.

This scenario has a lot going for it. The writing is fantastic and the premise is interesting. There are three really cool items. The first is a sword that can be a bane or boon. The second is a Book of Vile Darkness-esque blasphemous spellbook. Finally, there's the Tales of the Scarecrow, which is a storybook found on a desk. This is one of my favourite parts because it's the players chance to flex their weird and creative muscles. Players get to come up with the story of the scarecrow. Whoever creates the most interesting and/or dangerous gets an XP bonus and  the scarecrow gets imbued with that power.

While it's short, this is one of my favourite LofFP releases because it really lets the player's creative energies flow. Also, the adventure has one of my favourite pieces of Flame Princess artwork. If you don't want to play in LotFP's early modern era setting, this can be placed in any setting really.

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