Saturday, February 11, 2017

Botchlings for SotDL

I've only had the Shadow of the Demon Lord book for a little over a week, but being me I've decided to try to make original content for it already. As I mentioned previously, I think the creatures of the Witcher universe would make great additions to SotDL. For that reason, my first statting attempt for the system is the botchling, which is from one of my favourite quests from The Witcher 3, Family Matters.

A botchling in natural form

"Saying a botchling's ugly is like saying shit's not particularly tasty: can't say it's a lie, but it doesn't exactly convey the whole truth, either."
-Lambert, witcher of the Wolf School
An angered botchling

A botchling is a small creature that looks like a really deformed fetus. It is created from the improper burial of a still born infants. They sap the strength of expectant mothers and when the mother is totally defenseless, they drain her blood (killing her and the unborn child). The creature then seeks vengeance on the parents that created it. They can magically track individuals of their bloodline. The only way to stop a botchling is to end it's life by violence or by performing a special elven naming ritual. This will turn the botchling into a lubberkin (a helpful spirit that will protect its family). When angered a botchling can grow to a man-sized humanoid, more capable of defending itself.

Difficulty 25
Size 1/2 frightening undead
Perception 13 (+3)
A lubberkin
Defense 8  Health 15
Strength 10  (+0) Agility 10  (+0) Intellect 8 (-2) Will 12 (+2)
Speed 6
Immune damage from cold, disease, poison, gaining insanity, charmed, dazed, deafened, diseased, fatigued, frightened, poisoned, stunned

Attack Options Grab +0 with 1 boon, target becomes grabbed until the end of the next turn.

Claws (melee) +3 (2d6), this attack can only be made when the botchling is transformed

Special Actions
Transform: When angered the botchling can take on a form more suitable for battle. In this form the botchlings Strength becomes 12 (+2) and it's Agility becomes 13 (+3). It's Defense also become 15 and it cane make claw attacks. Finally it's Size becomes 1 and it's Speed becomes 8.

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