Thursday, February 16, 2017

Plane Shift: Kaladesh

I love that Wizards of the Coast is finally combining their properties for projects. I like it even more because they're free. Today Plane Shift: Innistrad and Plane Shift: Zendikar have been joined by a new MTG to D&D supplement, Plane Shift: Kaladesh.

Kaladesh is a magical plane of artificers and crafters. It is the perfect setting to use the Unearthed Arcana: Artificer in.

This Plane Shift discusses how to fit the PHB backgrounds and classes in the setting. It also includes a new sorcerous origin: pyromancer. Being a haven for artificers, there's a new magic item type discussed, Aether-powered devices. There are rules for inventing, manufacturing, buying, and selling these items. Two invention-related feats are also provided.

The pdf includes new versions of several races: dwarves, humans, and elves. There are two new races, the short-lived aetherborn and the innovative vedalken (who believe that nothing can be perfect, but that doesn't mean you should try to improve).

Like previous Plane Shift pdfs, the Bestiary chapter discusses adapting existing monsters to Kaladesh. It also includes new monsters, like the gremlin, sky leviathan, and servo.

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  1. Nice! I appreciate your linking to these when they come along. I don't keep up enough to see them when they drop. (Looks like our next plane will be Egyptian-influenced, btw!)