Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Guardians has a great premise.

"What if the original roleplaying game was inspired by colorful superheroes rather than Tolkenesque fantasy?"

Like the other games at Original Edition, Guardians builds off a rules set that most of us love and know.

Instead of a race, you pick an origin, which are broad categories that let you know how many starting powers, gifts (exceptional advantages), limits (weaknesses/disadvantages associated with powers), and issues (universal drawbacks anyone can have) you have. Remember, this is based on original edition so there are classes that go from 1-10. Characters are supers though, so they have more starting hit points and abilities than other characters with similar levels. The four classes are bruiser, super-agent, power wielder, and gadgeteer. There's a large selection of powers to choose from and when combined with the classes allow you to make a wide variety of character types.

I've not played Guardians yet. I just bought it Thursday evening, so I've not had the opportunity. Still I'm really excited to give it a test drive. Because of the base game it's built on, it's so super easy to pull from all of those classic games we know and love. The book is currently on sale at Drivethru RPG, you can purchase it here. Anyone else played it? If so, what did you think?

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