Thursday, March 2, 2017

More Beasts of Portsmaw (S&W Light)

Giant catfish aren't the only creatures that haunt the Oh-yio river and its surrounding area.

Crawfolk (Adult)
AC 6 [13]                     HD: 2                                  Attacks: claw (1d6+1)              Move: 12/12 (swim)

Crawfolk (Adolescent)
AC 6 [13]                     HD: 1-1                                Attacks: claw (1d6)                Move: 12/12 (swim)

Crawfolk are primitive humanoid crustaceans native to Oh'yio River. They are typically peaceful, unless their nests are disturbed. 1 in 10 adult's is a shaman that can cast a random magic-user, cleric, or witch spell.

Giant Skunk
AC 7 [12]                     HD: 2                                  Attacks: bite (1d6)          Special: See below              Move: 15

Giant skunks can spray a powerful musk affecting those within a 15' of the creature. Targets must a Saving Throw to avoid getting hit by the musk. Those that make it move out of the area and are unaffected. Those that fail are afflicted with a horrible stench. This gives them a -2 to hit and they are unable to hide from any creature with a nose. Large amounts of tomato juice or other folk remedies are the only way to get rid of the stink.


  1. I am totally going to adapt these when I run Shrine of the Kuo-toa!

    1. The "crawfolk" are based on Magic: The Gathering's homarids (