Monday, April 3, 2017

B is for Blood Gravel

Blood Gravel

Located about 20 miles northeast of Portsmaw, the mining community of Blood Gravel, is known for for more than it's coal. Today the community is known for (and named after) it's fighting pits. Originally created as a distraction for the native miners, the pits are visited by all sorts of folks, from Portsmaw dock workers to decadent Willsburg nobles.

Other than the miner's cabins and lodges the only permanent structure in the area is Gloknier's Pit, a combination stable: inn, general store, town hall, and battle arena.

Personalities of Note

Silas and Sloan Crabtree -  The fit, wild auburn-haired twins, Silas and Sloan, are beast tamers and hunters extraordinaire. Their trained bear, Thunder, is the current arena champion. Unbeknownst to anyone but the twins, they are Thunder. Born bearkin, the brothers have the supernatural ability to transform into bears. When Thunder has a match  one brother pretends to be out hunting and transforms into Thunder, while the other acts as handler.  Thus far, none are wise to the ruse.

Rowen Gloknier - This slick-tongued trader from Willsburg is the noble that funded the creation of the Blood Gravel Mine and built the fighting pit. He considers himself the benevolent lord of the area, though those that have earned his ire know he's not as noble as he pretends to be. Rowan lives in an elaborate suite in Glokneir's Pit.

New Monster
AC 6 [13]      HD: 5    Attacks:  2 claws and a bite (1d6+1) or weapon (1d6+1)   Special: See below   Move: 8

Unless damaged by silver or magical weapons, bearkin regenerate, healing 3 hit points per round. On their turn a bearkin can forego all other actions and switch between its human and bear form. Unlike lycanthropes, bearkin cannot pass their condition on to others.


More information of the Portsmaw setting can be found here.
If you want to flesh out the fighting pits of Blood Gravel, I recommend +Jonathan Linneman's Underground Elemental Beastfighting posts.


  1. For obvious reasons, I love this! I may see many of my favorite things coming together into a campaign later this year...!

    1. This was very loosely inspired by White Gravel, an area in my home county that was (at least at one point) known for cockfighting. While hate the real world practice, I thought it could translate nicely into a fantasy setting. Luckily, I know a blogger I like that had just the right creatures to populate the beast fighting pit.