Sunday, April 30, 2017

Z is for Zebediah, Dire Roosters, and the Cockrun Clan

Goblins are a nuisance that can be found almost anywhere and the Portsmaw region is no different. However, unlike most areas, these goblins aren't immediately hostile to outsiders and actually help the local economy. Mounted atop their dire roosters, the Cockrun goblins are bootleggers and guides. Their shine isn't the tastiest, but it's cheap and it'll get you drunker than a skunk. It is an open secret that some of them also serve certain nobles and Boss Tide as spies. It's rumored that if you have the right amount of coin, they'll even hide you in their woods.

The clan is lead by Zebediah Cockrun. The clever goblin is the twenty-fifth goblin to officially bear that name (as did every goblin to lead the clan in the region before). While individual goblins may serve different groups, he's smart enough to make sure his clan stays largely neutral in the affairs of man.

Dire Rooster
AC 7 [12]      HD: 1+1    Attacks:  Peck (1d6) Spurs (1d6+1)  Move: 15


More information of the Portsmaw setting can be found here. I hope you had as much fun reading these as I did writing them.


  1. Ooo~ I like this idea. Might need to steal it for when my players get to the Wildlands Continent in my game. :)

  2. Yeah, this is great! Goblins on dire roosters. I love it!