Monday, June 19, 2017

Origins Game Fair 2017

This past weekend I attended Originsfor the first time in years. While I bought a full con pass, I only attended two days (do to various reasons). That being said I had an absolute blast. I didn't play in any events, but I demoed a few games. I played Zombicide: Black Plague, Spoils of War, and SRG Universe. Next year I'm going to try to have more money saved, go the entire time, and actually play in events. 
This guy guarding the Malifaux cash register was pretty cool.
I met DM Scotty!
This is the first min I've painted in years. She's not great, but I'm happy with her.

The Dude abides...

My Friday haul, some promo cards, con exclusive DCC funky dice and module, radioactive green spindle dice, some minis, Origins 2017 d6, and an issue of GTM.

A close-up of the minis I bought.
My Sunday haul: The DCC quickstart and Dungeon Busters

My son's Sunday haul: a new Pokemon starter, Origins 2017 die, and a random d6 that he wanted


  1. Awesome that you met DM Scotty! that a contemplative owlbear miniature?

    1. I grabbed a raccoon, a cockatrice, and a nude, bound slave girl.

    2. Ah, thanks! I mistook the raccoon.

  2. Replies
    1. One of the booths had tons of old Ral Partha minis. I wish I would have got more slave girls.