Monday, August 28, 2017

Light City - King Killer

I'm currently working on the first Light City villain supplement, The Kingdom of Crime. Here's a preview of the rotten royal in charge, King Killer.

King Killer, the King of Crime

Created by the criminally insane doctors Link and Blink, King Killer was once a lowly mook until the operation that merged his brains with 50 of the worst criminals of all time. The operation made him bigger, more aggressive, stronger, and much more intelligent. He quickly turned on his creators. Crowning himself the “King of Crime” he began to recruit the scum of Light City to his cause, with the eventual goal of creating his own kingdom of crime. The King is a fearsome foe and master strategist. Luckily for the world, he plans rarely fully come to fruition because of his bottomless rage.

Real Name: 
First Appearance: Uncle Sam Quarterly #1 (Autumn, 1941)

AC 7 [12]      HD: 8    Attacks:  Slam (2d6) or Machine Gun (2d6, medium range)  Move: 12 Special: When angered, King Killer must make a saving throw or go into an uncontrollable rage for 1d6 turns. During this time he must attack those around him (including allies if no enemies are present).

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  1. Oh man, awesome find and great character to build around!