Wednesday, August 2, 2017

#RPGADAY2017 - Day 2

Day 2: What is an RPG you would like to see published?

Beyond Human...

I've been waiting for new cinematic official unisystem stuff for years and it's just not happening. In print or pdf, I have every official cinematic unisystem release. I've created a lot of material myself and have found some great stuff online (especially +Timothy Brannan's stuff). I know that Cortex and Savage Worlds both have similarities, but I just don't care for those systems.

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  1. Agree 100%. I've read both Cortex and a lot of Savage Worlds, but neither really sung to me. Cinematic Unisystem though I've loved since I first encountered the Buffy RPG and this "master book" - should it ever appear - would be a very special treat.