Thursday, August 24, 2017

#RPGADAY2017 - Day 24

Day 24: Share a PWYW publisher who should be charging more.

+Rafael Chandler's Neoplastic Press has some great material that is PWYW. Narcosa is a drug-fueled fantasy wonderland that your characters won't forget. If you want to add some dark and brutal monsters to your game, you can't go wrong with Lusus Naturae and the Teratric TomeSlaughter Grid and Bad Mymidon  are adventures that test your players in the right ways. Finally, I think an underrated gem in the OSR is Obscene Serpent Religion. You could build a whole campaign around the cults created with this one.

I also wanted to give a shout out to +Jonathan Linneman of Monstrous Matters. He currently has five PWYW products on OneBookShelf  that you can find here. I understand why he has them PWYW, but the pdfs are all fantastic and if he had a set asking price I'd definitely buy everything in his catalog.


  1. Whoa, thanks for the shout and the kind words! I am making a note-to-self now to finally give Rafael Chandler's work the attention it deserves...

    1. It's metal as Hell, but always an entertaining read.