Monday, August 7, 2017

Supers-related Videos

If you stayed through the credits of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 you've heard this song, but oh my the music video is something else. Bautista with wings is my favourite part. Also, it might just be me but this made me think of Alpha Blue.

There are several propaganda shorts spoofing 60's American culture for the new Wolfenstein game.  I think this Batman parody is my favourite. The game looks really good too. I reserved the New Order and Old Blood from my library. I can't wait to kill lots of Nazis. I'm sure the enemies will give me some supers inspiration.

I know the style of music isn't for everyone, but I dig it. I also really like the Joker/Batman villains theme of the music video. "I only want to hurt you and what I want I get. I'm aiming to continue so consider me a threat."

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  1. If Alpha Blue can parody Guardians of the Galaxy, then I don't see why Guardians of the Galaxy shouldn't parody Alpha Blue.